Clint Eastwood “Make My Day” Mosaic



 Clint Eastwood is in progress right now and has had a fair share of challenges along the way. The other mosaic portraits have been done in porcelain tile which and this one I chose to do in glass. The tiles I used for this are 3/8 inch to start which I thought would lead to some time saving as I would not have to cut each and every piece. Boy was I wrong! The glass for one thing is fairly slick and it took me a while to get the knack for holding them while cutting and not having the piece I want to use fly out of my hand. Once that was solved the other dilema came when needing to cut the pieces down as the back of the tiles are beveled so to get the nippers a grip to make precise cuts was not easy. 

Part of the ongoing challenge is creating a likeness of the subject in a limited range of tile colors- For Clint Eastwood there was only 4 primary colors along with black and very little white for the areas on the gun. Unlike paints there is no blending and as the artist you do not get to really choose your shades to work with. Color lines are pre-set by the tile manufacturer and you try to choose a line that will give you the shades you most closely desire. The other issue is the depth and the construction of the tile itself which makes choosing tiles from different manufacturers for the same project not a realistic alternative.

I will be posting images from this piece that I took early on in its creation so you can see some of the steps involved and at some point I would love to video the creation of one- However due to the slow nature of mosaic work we would have to condense that video down a lot-Who wants to watch a months worth of footage in real time? No one.

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Patrick, this is really nice! I think your idea of a video is a great one. You might want to consider stitching photographs. Simply take photos every time you work on the piece, always from the same angle and height (tri-pod would be great), then stitch the photos together into a video with an editing program. That way others can see the process come together in elapsed time.


Thanks Jaye- I may have enough photos of the Eastwood to do that- Will give it a whirl.


Nice work Patrick, very impressive!
The Clint Eastwood Archive


Nice work, Patrick. Cook, wine afficianado, artist and dad. You do keep busy!

A still or two from the Sergio Leone days would be cool, as well.


I don’t unremarkably comment but I gotta admit thankyou for the post on this great one : D.

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